Thursday Oct 06, 2022

The smuggling of Red sandalwood- the true story behind Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa- the rise has been a massive hit all over the world. It might not be the only thing people are talking about right now but is definitely a very huge part of it. People are talking about its songs, the supremely talented cast, dialogues, and the epic story line.

Although, if we talk about its story line, it revolves around smuggling of red sandalwood, and it’s not the first time that a film is based on this story. However, the story is based on some real events, yes, the smuggling of red sandalwood or red sanders is an actual thing.


What is Rakt/Lal Chandan?

The term Rakt/Lal Chandan, which is very much used in the movie is basically Red Sandalwood. It is also known as red sanders, sanders wood and ruby red. It is a highly regulated wood that is red in colour, it’s not aromatic like other sandalwood trees. It is very much valuable in China because of a certain tradition and has medicinal properties.


Why is Red Sandalwood smuggled?

Red Sandalwood is a native and endemic to India and can be found in Seshachalem forest of Andhra Pradesh. It is highly demanded domestically and internationally, and especially in East Asian countries. It is highly valued in Japan for its acoustic properties and is used to make musical instruments. In China, the wood has been valued historically, as there it is prized for its beauty and believed to possess medicinal qualities. As its demand is very high and India being its only natural habitat, its heading towards extinction. That’s the reason it is highly regulated, and its export is illegal. However, because of its price, thousands of traffickers smuggle these to China.


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