Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Oats Chilla – Easy and healthy breakfast recipe

Tired of eating nothing or a bowl of cereal for every breakfast meal?

We have got you covered! Try this easy and healthy breakfast recipe to satisfy your morning hunger.

This quick and tasty Indian recipe will keep you full till the lunch bell rings!


Oats Chilla- 

oats chilla

 Yes, you read it right, its not your basic moong dal chilla recipe, it’s tastier and much healthier than that. Start your mornings with the goodness of fiber rich oats. And yes, we all know oats might not be everyone’s favourite but I can assure you that this delicious breakfast recipe will change your mind.


ü  1 bowl of Oats

ü  2 spoons of Semolina

ü  1 chopped onion

ü  1 chopped tomato

ü  1 chopped capsicum

ü  Black pepper powder

ü  Salt


ü    Take a bowl of oats, add 2 spoons of Semolina and then add a dash of water to soak it for few minutes.

ü  Meanwhile, start chopping all the veggies.

ü  Now that the oats are soaked and have become soggy add these veggies into the bowl.

ü  Add a pinch of black pepper powder and salt.

ü  Mix it all well and the mixture is ready to be on the pan.

ü  Now put a little oil on the pan, spread the mixture.

ü  Flip it once the other side is cooked well. And once both sides look a bit brown it’s ready! You can enjoy it with tomato sauce or green chutney. 

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