Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

Best ready to eat food items for your lazy days

ready to eat food

Do you love binging on snacks while watching your favourite Tv show but cooking isn’t your best talent or are you planning to have a party at home but have got no time to that extra hard work in the kitchen? We have got a quick solution for you- Frozen food!

In this hectic life, where no one has got any time to do these extra chores, frozen food is like a blessing in disguise. It could be anything, your kid’s birthday party, throwing a fun house party, or just casually inviting friends to watch a movie or cricket match, if you want to be called the best host, just add frozen food to your menu. Here’s a list of frozen food items that one should definitely stock in their fridge.


McCain frozen snacks– It’s a well-known brand today. From French fries to cheesy mini samosas, it has a range of delicious frozen food. You just have to take it out from the packet and deep fry them in hot oil and in only 3 minutes it’s ready to be served. If you’re planning to have party for your kid, then you should absolutely go for the amazing range of McCain frozen food.

Prasuma Momos– Yes, you read it right, now you can even enjoy momos at home without working for four hours in the kitchen. Prasuma Momos can be microwaved, pan-fried, steamed or deep fried and ready to eat in as little as 2 minutes. Not to forget, during lockdown a lot of us tried our hands on making momos as good as our momos vale bhaiya, while some of us were successful in it, the others unlucky ones got their hands on Prasuma momos and without any extra hard work, they got to enjoy scrumptious juicy momos. From vegetable momos to chicken, pork and mutton, they have a complete range of momos.

ITC Master chef Hyderabadi Biryani– We all love biryani with our whole heart, but cooking it is not for all of us, but ITC master chef biryani cooking paste makes it the simplest task ever. With just few simple steps you can enjoy your favourite hyderabadi biryani at your home! Not just biryani, ITC master chef has a range of cooking pastes through which now you can cook your favourite dish with absolute ease.

Godrej Yummiez– If you are going to throw a house party, without thinking go for the ultimate range of frozen snacks by Godrej Yummiez. From chicken tikka to seekh kebab they have got a good range of non veg frozen food.

Freshway Idli Sambhar– As good as it tastes, south Indian food also requires a lot of time and effort to cook. Freshway has a range of ready to eat bowls, with idli sambhar being one of them. It just takes 8 minutes to cook and tastes heavenly.

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